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Since 1956
  Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL) has been a pioneer in developing Guyana's hinterland and producing quality construction materials.  
Sustainably Managed Forests
  A family operated business that follows sustainable forest management principles advised by the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
  350,000 hectares of rain forest
35M tonnes of quarry reserves
2,000 employees
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  10-12 Lombard St.
South America
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Timber Species
Yellow Silverballi

Scientific Name:
Aniba ovalifolia

Family: Lauraceae

ATIBT Standard Name: Canela

Other Name: Pisie, Caraiou, Caneio, Louro Branco, Inamui, Preto

Wood Appearance: The heartwood ranges from greyish through yellowish buff to light brown and darkens on exposure. The wood usually has a pleasant aromatic odour.

  • Sapwood - 
  • Texture - rather fine to moderately coarse. Lustre medium to high
  • Grain - straight, occasionally somewhat roey.
  • Bole - 60-70 feet long, diameter 16-24 inches.

Physical and Mechanical Properties: In Guyana the Silverballi group is divided into "hard and soft" with the dividing line being put at an air dry specific gravity of 37 lb/ft3. The "hard" Silverballi is rather light to heavy with densities ranging from 37-62 lb per cu. ft. "Soft" Silverballi ranges in densities from 22-37 lb per cu ft. The group is generally in strength class 2. Movement rather low, the lighter species shrink less than the heavier types.

  • Weight -
  • Bending Strength -
  • Modulus of elasticity -
  • Compression parallel to grain -
  • Shock resistance -

Natural Durability: Moderately resistant to insects and decay, but susceptible to termites. Highly resistant to marine borers. Difficult to impregnate.

Timber Processing

  • Drying - Kiln Schedule G. Silverballi air dries well with little degrade.
  • Working - Saws well and works easily.
  • Assembly - Holds nails, screws and glue well.
  • Finishing - Finish smoothly unless grain is severly interlocked. Paints well.

Uses: "Hard" Silverballi: general carpentry, boat building (planking), suitable for both interior and exterior work in house building, furniture and cabinet work, suitable fir veneer and plywood. "Soft" Silverballi: general carpentry, interior work, light furniture, suitable for utility plywood.

Supplies: Occurs frequently in the Guyana forests. Regular supplies are available for orders place in the Silverballi groups.

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