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Since 1956
  Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL) has been a pioneer in developing Guyana's hinterland and producing quality construction materials.  
Sustainably Managed Forests
  A family operated business that follows sustainable forest management principles advised by the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
  350,000 hectares of rain forest
35M tonnes of quarry reserves
2,000 employees
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  10-12 Lombard St.
South America
Tel: + 592 226 4071-5
Fax: +592 226 0793
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Timber Species

Scientific Name:
Diplotropis purpurea

Family: Papilionacease

ATIBT Standard Name: Coeur Dehors

Other Name: Sucupira, Alcoruoque, Zwarte Kabbes

Wood Appearance: Heartwood dark chocolate brown in colour with conspicuous paler markings, giving a decorative appearance which may be enhanced on quartered surface by a stripe figure.

  • Sapwood - whitish, sharply demarcated from heartwood.
  • Texture - moderately coarse.
  • Grain - interlocked, sometimes irregular.
  • Bole - 60-70 feet long, cylinderical; diameter 20-24 inches.

Physical and Mechanical Properties: A heavy, strong, durable wood possessing high strength properties. Medium shrinkage, relatively stable once dry.

  • Weight - 935 kg/m3 (58 lb/ft3 ) seasoned.
  • Bending Strength -
  • Modulus of elasticity -
  • Compression parallel to grain -
  • Shock resistance -

Natural Durability: Very resistant to decay even under exacting conditions of use. Highly resistant to fungus and termite attack.

Timber Processing

  • Drying - Dries readily but slowly, without distortion of splitting.
  • Working - Difficult to work on account of its high density and interlocked and irregular grain, but can be finished to a smooth surface. Turns well.
  • Assembly - Glues well. Nails and screws hold well.
  • Finishing - Polishes satisfactorily after filling.

Uses: Has a decorative appearance and is of interest for turned work and as a veneer for inlays in high grade furniture. Suitable for exterior and interior joinery, turnery, panelling and tool handles. A very useful timber with many applications.

Supplies: Occurs widely but not abundantly in the-Guyana forests. Regular supplies in modest quantities are available.

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