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Since 1956
  Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL) has been a pioneer in developing Guyana's hinterland and producing quality construction materials.  
Sustainably Managed Forests
  A family operated business that follows sustainable forest management principles advised by the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
  350,000 hectares of rain forest
35M tonnes of quarry reserves
2,000 employees
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  10-12 Lombard St.
South America
Tel: + 592 226 4071-5
Fax: +592 226 0793
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Timber Species

Scientific Name:
Peltogyne pubescens

Family: Caesalpiniaoeae

ATIBT Standard Name: Amrante

Other Name: Amamnth, Nazareno, Pau Roxo, Bois Violet, Barabu

Wood Appearance: Dull brown when freshly cut, rapidly oxidises to violet-purple on exposure to light and gradually toning down in course to time to dark purplish brown.

  • Sapwood - whitish or cream coloured
  • Texture - moderate to fine
  • Grain - generally straight, sometimes wavy or interlocked
  • Bole - 50-90 feet long, cylindrical, diameter 20-44 inches

Physical and Mechanical Properties: Wood is very tough, strong and resilient.

  • Weight - 860 kg/m3 (54 lb/ft3 ) seasoned.
  • Bending Strength - 147 N/mm2 (21300 lbg/in2)
  • Modulus of elasticity - 1600 N/mm2 (242000 lbft/in2)
  • Compression parallel to grain - 78.5 N/mm2 (11380 lb/in2)
  • Shock resistance - medium

Natural Durability: Highly resistant to decay, termites and fire. Heartwood very durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatment, but sapwood is permeable.

Timber Processing

  • Drying - Dries well and fairly rapidly with little degrade. Kiln Schedule E.
  • Working - Not difficult to work with. Saws, planes and turns well, finishing smoothly and takes high polish.
  • Assembly -
  • Finishing - Gives good results when lacquered or polished.

Uses: Possesses high strength and very good durability and is an excellent structural timber suitable for heavy outdoor construction work such as bridges and park benches. As flooring it has high wearing quantities and is suitable for most conditions of traffic. Has been used successfully in chemical plants as vats, filter press plates and frames. Also used for making billiard cue butt, tool handles, interior and exterior joinery and ship building. A valuable wood for its attractive appearance and its strength.

Supplies: Regular average supplies are available.

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