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Since 1956
  Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL) has been a pioneer in developing Guyana's hinterland and producing quality construction materials.  
Sustainably Managed Forests
  A family operated business that follows sustainable forest management principles advised by the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
  350,000 hectares of rain forest
35M tonnes of quarry reserves
2,000 employees
Corporate Address
  10-12 Lombard St.
South America
Tel: + 592 226 4071-5
Fax: +592 226 0793
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Interior Forest Industries Ltd. (IFI)


Sales and Stockpile


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Like TPL, IFI is also involved in Logging and Sawmilling. It has its logging concession at Butukari, sawmill at Anarika and lumber depot at Diamond, E.B.D.

The main goal of the TPL and IFI is to engage in proper management techniques for the conservation of forest as its one of the country’s most valued resource. We abide with all the laws locally and internationally to keep this resource renewed for the next generation to come.

Guyana’s timber product are the best in the world for the construction of wharf, buildings, sea defense, etc .Our wide range of species of timber products include Greenheart, Purpleheart, Baromalli, Crabwood, Itikiboroballi, Locust, Mora, Pakuri, Shibadan ,Simarupa, Tatabu, Tauroniro, Wallaba, Wamara, Yellow Silverballi, Brown Silverballi, etc.

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