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Since 1956
  Toolsie Persaud Ltd. (TPL) has been a pioneer in developing Guyana's hinterland and producing quality construction materials.  
Sustainably Managed Forests
  A family operated business that follows sustainable forest management principles advised by the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
  350,000 hectares of rain forest
35M tonnes of quarry reserves
2,000 employees
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  10-12 Lombard St.
South America
Tel: + 592 226 4071-5
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Timber Species

Scientific Name:
Catosemma commune


ATIBT Standard Name:

Other Name:

Wood Appearance: Heartwood dull yellowish to pinkish brown not sharpiy defined from the lighter coloured sapwood. Dark coloured resin streaks occur as arcs on the cross section and lines on the surface. 

  • Sapwood -
  • Texture - coarse
  • Grain - straight
  • Bole:

Physical and Mechanical Properties: Strength class 3. It is a low to medium density timber. Air dries without extensive degrade. Works easily with machine and hand tools giving a clean but somewhat fibrous finish.

  • Weight - 30kg/m3
  • Bending Strength -
  • Modulus of elasticity -
  • Compression parallel to grain -
  • Shock resistance -

Natural Durability: Not naturally durable. The sapwood is susceptable to sap-staining fungi. However, it is easily preserved by diffusion. Durability class 2.

Timber Processing

  • Drying -
  • Working -
  • Assembly -
  • Finishing -

Uses: The wood has been tested and found `suitable' for plywood manufacture. It is used for general manufacturing and interior construction.

Supplies: Moderate quantities availabe for export.

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